Finally got around to changing the side markers on the car.  It had the yellow ones as seen below, which were replaced by clear ones that I have shaded in using VHT Nightshade.  The light from the bulb shows through just fine, and I really think it makes the car look cleaner.ImageImageImage




I also bought a canopy tent for when I head out to the track again.  It isnt waterproof, but should keep water off my stuff long enough for me to throw a tarp over it or pack it up.  And it will be great for offering some shade.  It is a little short (less than 6 feet tall at the highest point), but I plan on just sitting under it, not really living in it or walking around under it.  And its really portable when packed up.



Well, thats all I have to update for now.  My next track event is June 22-23, so for now its just planning and preparing.  I cant wait.  I am sure I will write more about my excitement to get back out there later.