Two weeks have gone since I’ve posted anything.  I dont really have any new relevant additions or changes to the car at this point.  If you are looking for changes, it will likely be a little while.  But I will offer some thoughts as I try to get my own mind straight on what I want to do.

There are a lot of things I am interested in doing.  The issues stem from the amount of options and trying to figure out would be good vs what would turn out bad.  I am not a fan of going cheap, so I tend to research items I want (perhaps a little too much at times).

Forced Induction:  Some have heard me talk about it all ready, but I plan on doing it.  And the thought right now is this Twin Screw Supercharger from Innovate Motorsports.  Its not available yet, and there arent any numbers on it yet, so I am not positive.  I dont know if it is just because it looks cool, or because I like the idea of it.  It is supposed to give a very smooth torque boost and get rid of the stock torque dip, as well as a decent enough boost in HP (rumors indicate 240-250 hp..right now I should be around 175 hp).

Rims and Tires:  I want to change these out as well, especially by the time I add the supercharger to the car.  Trying to decide on rims is really difficult.  First, they are expensive.  And second, there are tons of options to choose from.  And of course, the ones I typically like (which I think are pretty simple, either a 5 or 6 spoke design, normally in black) are always expensive.  I know I want to stay with 17 inch rims/tires though (cheaper to replace 17 inch tires than 18s).  I plan on going with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.  They are the best rated tires for performance and I have heard great things about their uses on and off the track.  So at least that is easy enough.

Suspension:  I am not sure if i should worry about this at all, but it something thats on my mind.  I’d like to change out the stock suspension with coilovers that should firm up the ride, lower the car a little, and allow for less body-roll when taking corners at high speeds.  Perhaps it isnt really important as I only get to go to the track a few times a year, but every little bit helps and I dont want to really hold back in doing things.  Do it right the first time, leave no regrets.  Problem, again, is i dont know who to go with.  Tien is supposed to be a solid company, made in Japan.  I will likely go with a set from them.  But there are a couple other companies like Racingcomp Engineering and KW Suspension that are worth looking into as well.  Too many options, not enough information.

Oil Cooler:  I may or may not need to add such an item if I stay off the track,but it gets really hot down here and I feel like going the route better safe than sorry.  Information seems to suggest that the FRS oil temps get hot (240 degrees on the road and 280+ on the track).  Issue is, I need the supercharger first so I know if/where an oil cooler will fit.  BAH!

Oil Catch Can:  I didnt even know these things existed until recently.  Basically, it catches oil before it gets recirculated into the engine.  Normally, it isnt really necessary, but with forced induction (turbo or supercharger), it seems to be necessary (at the very least, highly recommended).  Still, I need the supercharger so i can figure out where it will fit.

Brakes:  Yes, the car must be able to stop all the power that I am adding.  I will start by changing out the pads for track pads that should be better at stopping the car, but will that be enough?  Probably, but in the long run, it might be cheaper to buy a big brake kit and just get it over with.  Too bad a good BBK is easily $2k.  Ah well, for now it will just be pads and stainless steel brakelines.

Spoiler:  Nothing huge, probably not even very functional.  I am looking at just the Scion OEM spoiler for the FRS (which wasnt available when I bought the car).  I like how it looks.

I think that is about it really.  As usual, its all about function for me.  I dont see a reason to spend $5k on a Greddy body kit or anything like that.  It looks great to me all ready.  Just want to go faster on and off the track.  Too bad all of those addons cost money, otherwise i’d have them all ready 😦