Track weekend is 2 weeks away.  NOLA Motorsports Park on the 22nd and 23rd.  So with that in mind, and the fact that I was at 15k miles (in less than a year…yikes), I decided i need to do an oil change.  I found amazon had a deal going, buy 6 quarts of Mobile 1 and get a free oil filter.  I had amazing service from Fedex too!  I ordered from Amazon on Thursday and received my oil on Saturday afternoon!  That was fine with me because I need 5.5 quarts for the car anyway.  The oil change went smoothly enough, which is great because nothing else seemed to go right.

I have my brake pads sitting on the counter right now, waiting to go on the car.  One thing I’m not sure on is when I will install them.  It could be next weekend, or sometime a little later next week.  I need to bed them in though (heat them up and transfer a layer of the pad to the rotor so it grabs really well), and I have heard they might squeak a bit after I put them on.  I really dont want to drive them a week with them squeaking.  So maybe I will wait until the middle of the week before I go to the track.  By the way, here are the pictures.  They dont look like anything special, but they should really help on the track in the heat.

These will be on the front.  They are racing pads and are supposed to provide really good stopping power and resist heat soak (getting so hot that they no longer stop the car).



And these ones are on the back.  They are performance street pads, so they arent as aggressive as the ones on the front.  However, since there isnt nearly as much load on the backs, I decided to go with these because they are a little cheaper and should still be an upgrade from the stock pads.


Well, I think that is all for now.  Feel free to leave comments.  I will be updating a little more in the coming couple weeks with thoughts as I get ready for the track, and then of course results from the track.